STARGATE UNIVERSE “Space” and “Divided” Review


I had an opportunity to watch the first two episodes of the second half of season one of Syfy’s STARGATE UNIVERSE, respectively titled “Space” which airs Friday April 2 and “Divided” which airs Friday April 9 both at 9 pm on Syfy. I wanted to share a few thoughts I had on those two episodes.

I guess the best way to sum up the new episodes is “OMFG”. These SGU two episodes are by far some of the most entertaining and intriguing episodes of the season for the following reasons (Minor Spoilers ahead):

1) Rush is back
Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle), who was abandoned on a deserted planet by Colonel Young (Louis Ferreira) manages to come back on the ship through some pretty awesome circumstances. I have to say that I am happy to see that Rush is back. He’s the most interesting character in the show and not having him there would have simply sucked. His knack of straddling the line between good and evil just makes for some good TV.

2) Young gets caught
Colonel Young’s decision to leave Rush behind does not go over very well with the rest of crew. This leads to a mutiny lead by Camile Wray (Ming Na) that divides the ship into two camps (Yikes!). Although I am not crazy about the character of Camille, I was still rooting for her on this one as I felt Young had it coming to some degree.

3) We finally meet Aliens
Yes, it has finally happened, people. First contact has finally occurred. In the first episode, we are introduced to our first alien race. They look more like insects than humans although they are bipeds. They have advanced technology but they don’t seem to be capable of taking on the Ancient ship. At this stage, although they don’t seem to have friendly intentions, they also don’t seem to act like a nemesis should. I don’t think that they will be the ultimate baddie that we are waiting for.

Ultimately, these two episodes represent a strong return for Stargate Universe. I am hoping that they step it up Alien wise and truly put the SGU team to test with some epic confrontations. While I appreciate that the tone of the show is more focused on the characters than it is on the events, I am crossing my fingers that we get to meet a Goa-Uld like villain that will give the SGU folks a run for their money.

In the meantime, check out a preview of the new episode of Stargate Universe.

(Photo: Courtesy of Syfy)