GOSSIP GIRL “The Empire Strikes Jack” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, “The Empire Strikes Jack”?

I thought it was an outstanding show tonight! For the past couple weeks, I have been wishing for nothing but bad things to happen to little J, but then when it all started happening, I wanted it to stop. Rufus was very smart to get her back into fashion in order to get her mind off things, good parenting Rufus! I was actually hoping for Jenny have a successful show so she could go back to work with Eleanor (which I hope still happens). What those girls did to her was beyond wrong. I wanted to see some Blair-type payback done to her, but what actually started to happen was much much worse. What those girls were planning was basically rape – how messed up is that? Thank god Nate was there to save the day! Here’s to hoping that J turns things around from here on out.

I wanted so bad for Elizabeth to turn out to be good….and I guess she sort of is? I mean, she redeemed herself to some degree, but anybody who would sell out their own son can’t be that good. I’m happy that she left Jack in the end, but I wish she would have stayed for Chuck. Also, I was very surprised that Chuck forgave her so quickly. I would love for her to come back at some point and rebuild her relationship with her son. However, that doesn’t always happen on this show (remember that Rufus and Lily have their son, Scott, living in Boston).

I thought it was a little awkward that Serena was giving advice to Vanessa about dating. How can you get in a rut when you’ve only been dating 2 episodes? Plus, noodles and movies sounds like fun to me. I’m glad Dan and Vanessa got on the same page in the end. I can see these two together for a long time (which in Gossip Girl world means at least through the end of this season).

Let’s talk about Blair for a minute. My favorite Blair moment from tonight’s show was when she exclaimed “Prostitutes are people too, and they have a lot of disposable income”, she was like a modern day Melanie Hamilton with that statement. My other fav Blair quote of the night was “I have minions of course, but they are hardly worth even naming”. I was laughing so hard when Derota was running around trying to find her friends. I hope things work out for her with this new Columbia crowd. It was also touching to see her receive some good perspective on things from Eleanor. Hang in there Blair!

Okay, here’s something I need some help understanding. When Chuck’s mom looked at her locket, it was a pic of her on one side with baby Chuck and Jack on the other. Was that implying that Jack might be Chuck’s dad, or was I reading way too much into it?

Now let’s talk about the previews for next week (Spoiler alert). What the hell is Blair thinking with taking Jack up on his indecent proposal!? That will surely end things for her and Chuck! Also, was that Little J kissing Nate? Wtf, ya’ll? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, “The Empire Strikes Jack”!

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(Photos: Courtesy of The CW)