COMMUNITY “The Science of Illusion” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of COMMUNITY, “The Science of Illusion”? I thought it was just average. I thought it was silly that Pierce wore that Dumbledore outfit with the Cookie Crisp wand the whole show and even more silly that the whole group (minus Jeff and Abed) had a group cry. Aside from that (and the fact that Senor Chang didn’t have a big enough part tonight), I had a good time with “The Science of Illusion.”

I’m glad the show acknowledged that Britta is a buzzkill, and I think they are right; they need her to be a buzzkill for the others to be funny. Shirley and Annie as buddy cops was freaking hilarious. I thought they were both pretty good at being the bad ass. Shirley was awesome when she threw the books off the table to search Jeff’s bag and when she pulled a pizza cutter on him. Abed as the tough police chief was maybe my favorite part of the show.

Another thing I liked about “The Science of Illusion” was the return of the Troy and Abed moment at the end of the show. Did you notice how they had people stand outside the glass windows holding posters for their pretend morning show? So funny.

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Here are some of my favorite quotes from tonight’s episode of Community “The Science of Illusion”:

“Actually can I not help you…I tend to play by my own rules”. Shirley

“He makes one false move and I’ll go Shirley on him” Shirley

“I’ve got moves I haven’t even seen before” Annie

“Ooooh! Colonial burn!” Troy

“The Cookie Crisp mascot wasn’t even a wizard when I was a kid, he was a burglar!” Troy

“You’re like the dark cloud that unites us” Jeff