THE HILLS is Cancelled – Are You Happy?

The Hills Cancelled

According to MTV News, THE HILLS is going to return for its sixth and final season on MTV. Effectively, after five seasons, The Hills is canceled.

Tony DiSanto, president of programming at MTV, said the following:

“We are lucky and honored to have worked with this cast and tell their stories for this long, and we are grateful to the many dedicated fans who have stuck with us over the years. We owe it to those fans, the cast and the show to go out on a high note. And this season will deliver on that goal in terms of drama, story, real emotion and an organic culmination of this saga.”

Some of stars of the show, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Audrina Patridge had nothing to say apparently about the matter, at least according to their Twitter Pages:

Heidi’s latest tweet reads: Designing my FIRST handbag! I am so excited! Whats your favorite type of bag?

Spencer’s latest tweet reads: one of the coolest photos ever! US superheroes

Audrina Patridge’s latest tweet reads: has anyone seen bounty hunter?? whats a good movie to watch at the theatre tonight??

So are you happy that The Hills is cancelled? Yes? No? Cast Your vote below and also feel free to leave us a comment.