LOST “Ab Aeterno” Review

Titus Welliver in Lost

What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST “Ab Aeterno” (translation: From The Beginning of Time)? This was my favorite episode of Lost ever! For starters we got some key answers and pieces of information:

– Richard is from the 1800s and was on the ship The Black Rock when it crashed in 1867.
– The Black Rock smashed into the statue, which is why only a foot remains today.
– Jacob brought the ship to the island.
-Jacob gave Richard the power to live forever in return for his services as an intermediary between Jacob and the people brought to the island.
– The island acts as a ‘cork’ that keeps an evil force (The man in black/the black smoke) away from civilization
– Jacob was in charge of keeping the man in black on the island, but now that he is dead, it will be up to his successor (who is still TBD) to take over Jacob’s role.

Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) did an outstanding job in Ab Aeterno; maybe one of the best performances I’ve seen on Lost. I loved the scene where Hurley helps Richard communicate with Isabella (his dead wife). It reminded me of the movie Ghost (but in this case Hurley was Whoopi Goldberg, Richard was Demi Moore and Isabella was Patrick Swayze)…both scenes made me shed a tear. All joking aside, I now have a new found respect for Richard. That guy has had a rough time. I can totally understand why he wanted to kill himself and also why he was ready to go over to Evil Locke’s side.

I also enjoyed Titus Welliver’s performance as the “Man In Black”. He plays the part exactly how I imagine a powerful evil force: calm, cool, and with a beard. I almost prefer him over Evil Locke. So now that we finally have a better idea of what’s going on, what happens next? An epic good versus evil battle? When will the new Jacob be chosen? Who will it be? What role will Charles Widmore play? Who will end up on which side?

As always, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of Lost!