GOSSIP GIRL “The Sixteen Year Old Virgin” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of GOSSIP GIRL, “The Sixteen Year Old Virgin”? Wow, that was an emotional one, wasn’t it? First of all, can’t Chuck get a freaking break? I mean seriously, the show doesn’t let him be happy for more than 2 minutes. I saw the conspiracy between Jack and Chuck’s mom coming a mile away. Do you think it is really Chuck’s mom or do you think Jack had the DNA results faked? I thought for sure Elizabeth was Chuck’s biological mom because they both have a low, raspy, Batman voice. I’m hoping by some miracle that Elizabeth really is Chuck’s mom and she will come to her senses and change her mind about giving the hotel to Jack. Chuck was silly for not turning the hotel over to Lily, who has a strong business background and whom he can trust. I’m happy that he’s got Blair in his corner though, hopefully she can work her magic and send Jack packing. On the other hand, Jack could stir up trouble for Blair and Chuck given their past history. What is your take on all of this?

Little J continued to make me upset tonight. Every episode I think she has finally learned her lesson, but she continues to be a little 16 year old ho. I’m glad she didn’t go all the way with Damian, but she is still a ho in my book for telling Serena that she had. She has so many people in her life that care about her, why is she acting out like this? Just like last week, I ended the episode wishing she’d get a big serving of karma handed to her. Maybe she’ll overdose and have to do a stint in rehab.

Vanessa and Dan were cute tonight, but I think they should have told Rufus (and everyone else for that matter) about their relationship. Everyone is going to be happy and supportive about it I think. Speaking of Rufus, I was very pleased to see him and Lily finally sitting down to talk. I hope this is the start of a new beginning for them.

Here is my favorite quote from Gossip Girl “The Sixteen Year old Virgin”:

“Settlements are for the guilty: celebrities that run people over, the Catholic church, it’s not fair!” Blair