LOST “Recon” Review

Lost "Recon" (S6E8)

What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “Recon”? Recon was great if for no other reason than the scene with Sawyer watching Little House on the Prairie…and he wasn’t just watching Little House either, he was really getting something out of it ha-ha. Who knew big, bad Sawyer was a fan of half-pint?

So far the alternate reality version of each character has been better than the island version. Was anyone else surprised by Sawyer being a cop with Miles? I was surprised but I also thought it was pretty freaking cool. What I thought was interesting is that when Sawyer saw Kate in the elevator at the airport in handcuffs, he let her go and he was a cop the whole time! Also, what do you think about his safe word being “La Fleur”?

Did anyone else catch Charlie’s brother at the police station? It made me sad that alternate reality Sawyer, although happier than island Sawyer, is still deeply troubled about the death of his family. I was impressed by Sawyer’s ability to play both sides on the island. He always looks out for himself, but I’m glad that this time he’s watching out for Kate as well. I wonder if he will let Kate go for the second time in a row in the alternate reality.

Another thing I’m curious about is what Widmore is up to on the island? It can’t be anything good. What are your theories? Now let’s talk about Locke. As much as I try to not like Evil Locke, I just can’t bring myself to hate him. He tells it straight to everyone, something that Jacob never did. He also has mommy issues, which brings some depth to his character. Whatever he did to Sayid, however, is not cool. He didn’t even help Kate when she was getting attacked by Claire.

Here are a few things I’d like to see in the next Lost episode:

– What Faraday is up to in the alternate reality.
– What the heck Penny and Desmond are up to (in either reality).

Also, what did you think of the previews for next week’s show? I am so giddy at the thought of an entire episode devoted to Richard Alpert! As always, please leave me a comment and let me know your theories on tonight’s episode of Lost, “Recon”.