RULES OF ENGAGEMENT “Flirting” Season 4 Premiere (REVIEW)

Rules of Engagement

March is an awesome month. The weather start to gets a bit warmer, you have St. Patrick’s day, spring break, and the return of some of our favorite shows. Things get started Monday March 1st with the return of Rules of Engagement. I just checked out the first episode of the new season “Flirting” and really enjoyed it.

In “Flirting”, Jeff learns about the repercussions of office flirting after taking some misguided advice from Russell. By now you think he’d know better to take advice from this guy. Russell sends Timmy on a dangerous errand that lands him in an awkward situation. Adam gets cold feet when it’s time to send out his “Save the Date” wedding cards for Jennifer.

The strongest thing about Rules of Engagement continues to be the cast. Adhir Kallyan steals the show as Russell’s assistant Timmy. I honestly don’t think I’d enjoy this show half as much if it wasn’t for him. The dynamic between him and Russell is priceless.

Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price are also two actors I love that are always good in whatever they are in. It’s great seeing Price coming into the 4th season of Rules of Engagement after her past success of Grounded For Life and I’ve been a fan of Patrick Warburton since his days on Seinfeld – he’s created quite a career for himself since.

David Spade was funny as usual, but don’t you think he basically just plays himself? I see his character as similar to Charlie Sheen’s in Two and a Half men. They both are rich womanizers on and off the screen which is funny when you think about it. It just shows you that even in a make believe reality those two guys need to be rich to get laid.

Rules of Engagement airs Monday March 1st at 8:30 pm on CBS. Don’t miss it! In the meantime, check out photos of the Rules of Engagement “Flirting” episode below.

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