HIGH SOCIETY on The CW With Tinsley Mortimer – First Look


Check out the first photos and the trailer of the new CW reality show HIGH SOCIETY which premieres Wednesday, March 10th. The show will New York socialite Tinsley Mortimer and her friends.

First Episode Synopsis: “She’s Flying Solo” – In the midst of scandal and scrutiny, Park Avenue Princess Tinsley Mortimer gives up her Upper East Side address for a Midtown loft as part of her high-profile divorce. Tinsley’s sister, Dabney Mercer, moves in with socialite bad girl Jules Kirby, and New York City “It Boy” Paul Johnson Calderon lobbies for money from his trust fund. Meanwhile, an AIDS benefit after-party turns into a disaster with NYPD arriving at the scene. The cast also includes Dale Mercer, Alexandra Osipow and Devorah Rose

  • Laura

    This looks like HELL! I would rather they greenlit an hour of ”Fly Girls” rather than this crap. Same ‘ole trash tv that we’ve seen time and time again. Bring on virgin america over this lame series. Boo to ”High Society.”

    • Stephana

      umm this looks AMAZING…..I much rather watch an hour of this!!!!

    • Laura

      Don’t you think we’ve seen this all before? Like a thousand times over? Gossip Girl reality style? Puh-lease, isn’t Tinsely like 40? I’d rather watcha show that explores semi-new territory – like real working girls, living real (well, as real as reality gets) lives that I can connect with. Just my opinion. Down with shows like “High Society.” They are just too damn tired.