Harold Perrineau To Guest Star on CSI: NY

Harold Perrineau - Hill Harper

Harold Perrineau will guest star in an upcoming episode of CSI: NY as a death row inmate.

According to Michael Ausiello, Perrineau’s character finds himself fighting for his life when he gets trapped in a prison riot.

Here’s the kicker, Hawkes (Hill Harper) is also in the prison at the time the riot breaks out. However, Michael Ausiello could not reveal the reason he was in the prison, but what he did reveal was that “Perrineau’s convict drops a huge bombshell on Hawkes’ lap just moments before the melee erupts. Said bombshell forces Hawkes to come to terms with a part of his past he had hoped would never surface.”
The episode is slated to air in April.

In addition to guest starring in CSI: NY, Harold Perrineau will also be back in the final season of Lost.