BEN HUR (2010) Miniseries Preview

Ben Hur miniseries

Take a first look at a preview of BEN HUR, a four-hour miniseries which will air on ABC, Canada’s CBC, Spain’s Antenna 3 and Germany’s ProSieben.

Ben Hur stars Joseph Morgan, who plays Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston’s character in the 1959 movi) a a Jewish prince who is betrayed and sent to slavery by his friend, Messala (Stephen Campbell Moore). When he regains his freedom, Judah comes back for revenge and to reclaim his identity. Emily VanCamp plays Esther, the daughter of a slave and Ben-Hur’s love interest, Ray Winstone plays as Ben-Hur’s adoptive father, Kristen Kruek plays Tirzah, Ben-Hur’s sister. Hugh Bonneville, Alex Kingston, Lucia Jimenez, Miguel Angel Munoz, Marc Warren, Art Malik and James Faulkner also star.

The preview looks kind of good, and I’m definitely interested in watching the whole miniseries, especially since there are so many TV favorites in it. Enjoy the preview below.