LEGEND OF THE SEEKER “Hunger” Season 2 Episode 12

Ted Raimi as Sebastian on Legend of the Seeker

Check out a preview for LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Season 2 Episode 12 “Hunger” which will air the weekend of February 20, 2010. To find your local channel go to the Legend of the Seeker website.

Who loved last week’s episode of Legend of the Seeker? I did! And this week looks like it’s going to be another good one, but then again are there ever bad episodes of Legend of the Seeker?
This week Ted Raimi guest stars and reprises his role as the magic peddler Sebastian (you can read my interview with Ted Raimi here), which I’m sure will lead to an interesting storyline, and it seems Cara will be dealing with issues of her own. I can’t wait!

“Hunger” Synopsis: To protect the Seeker (CRAIG HORNER), Cara (TABRETT BETHELL) proposes a deadly covenant with the ruthless Darken Rahl (CRAIG PARKER) – while Zedd’s (BRUCE SPENCE) wayward brother strikes a deal with a dubious peddler of magic (GUEST STAR TED RAIMI) that might threaten Rahl’s plan.
Check out the preview below.