Webseries Spotlight: PLAYING DEAD

Playing Dead webseries

[Here is our new Webseries Spotlight feature, which will highlight some of the webseries that we think you guys might enjoy or should take a look at.]

So I was interviewing Ted Raimi this morning (I’ll be posting the interview soon) and he mentioned the webseries he’s been working on, PLAYING DEAD, about a down on her luck actress that takes a part time job as Death to pay the bills.

It sounded like a fun webseries, so I decided to check it out and ended up watching all 6 “deathisodes” available. I really enjoyed it, it’s cooky and original and really quick to watch, so if you have some time to spare you should give Playing Dead a chance.

Playing Dead is directed by Ted Raimi who also produces along with Kurt Rauf. It is written by Suzanne Keilly, who also stars as the main character. You can watch the first three “deathisodes” of Playing Dead below, and then you can head over to the official website to watch more “deathisodes.”