how to make it in america

HBO’s new original series, HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA, premieres tonight, February 14 at 10pm. It follows the lives of two 20-something friends as they hustle their way through New York City and try to make it in America.

Ben Epstein (Bryan Greenberg), a salesman in a clothing store who just broke up with his girlfriend Rachel (Lake Bell), decides to change his luck when his friend Cam (Victor Rasuk) gets him involved in one of his schemes. But in order to achieve their dreams, they will have to borrow money from a loan shark, Rene (Luis Guzmán), Cam’s cousin.

How To Make It In America is sort of a realistic TV show that just follows the lives of the two main characters, their friends and their schemes as they try to climb the stairs to success. But the road is not easy to travel. How To Make It In America is not your typical show, for example it uses different storytelling devices, such as photos to transition to illustrate some situations. In addition, each episode is really a day in the life of Ben and Cam, which means that there isn’t some big twist or drama happening each episode. It’s more about getting to know the characters and following their lives.

I personally am not one hundred percent convinced. To me, there is a fine line between a realistic show that follows characters throughout their day while still being compelling and the show being boring. Even though I liked the character of Ben, I had a hard time understanding why he would let himself get involved in Cam’s scheme, whom I just didn’t find likable. In addition, there were some parts that I found a little long, which might be a problem especially since this is a half-hour show.

Overall, How To Make It In America is not really my type of show, although I’m sure it would appeal to some people, but that said I’m willing to give it shot and find out where it takes me.
But if you’re intrigued by this new show, don’t forget that you can catch the first episode tonight, February 14, at 10pm on HBO.

In the meantime, check out clips of How To Make It In America below