THE AMAZING RACE 16 Season Premiere Preview and Review


I had an opportunity to watch an advance copy of the premiere episode of the new season of The Amazing Race which is entering its Sixteenth Season with regular host Phil Keoghan.

Eleven teams start their journey in Los Angeles and go to Chile for the first leg of the race. This year, the teams have more “celebrities” (emphasis on the quotes) than ever with a few familiar faces such as Caite Upton who is none other than the infamous Miss Teen South Carolina who gave a bumbling response to the question: “why one-fifth of Americans can’t find the U.S. on a map?”. See her response below

I know, very cringy, Right. Who knew that this moment would open up so many doors for her? Including the chance to win One Million Dollars. She will surprise you in the season premiere as being a fearless competitor with the right kind of attitude. Definitely someone to watch out for.

We also have “Big Brother” contestants Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder who are also pretty strong competitors although they were super awkward when they were together on camera. Seriously, they hugged like they were brother and sister at some point.

In addition to these minor celebrities, we are treated to some interesting characters such as a a pair of slightly arrogant undercover detectives, a sweet 71-year-old grandma who runs half marathons and two not very bright pro bull riders who have trouble exchanging money.

The premiere episode is intense and challenging. You will have a good sense of who is going to be a strong competitor and who won’t. You will also quickly see that this group of folks is likely to be more conniving than usual, especially when you have one of the competitors wish mechanical failure on the plane that the other competitors are taking, and worst of all she utters those words in a freaking airport. Seriously that was cold on so many levels.

My favorite team so far has got to be Jody Kelly, the 71 year-old grandma/personal trainer and her grand daughter Shannon Foster, a 22 year-old in health insurance. Very sweet and really just trying to have fun. I hope they stay that way.


My least favorite team has to be the dating couple Carol Rosenfeld, a 47 year-old consultant and Brandy Snow, right, a 40 year-old stylist/make-up artist who just came off as pompous, especially when they say something to the tune of “the closest we have ever been to public transportation is the valet service“. That just irked me.


Overall this was a great start to The Amazing Race 16 and I can’t wait to see the entire season.

In the meantime, watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the premiere episode of THE AMAZING RACE 16 titled “Nana is kickin’ your butt (Chile)” airing Sunday, Feb. 14 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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