BBC America’s SURVIVORS Review

Survivors - Greg (Paterson Joseph) and Abby (Julie Graham)

BBC America premieres a new series, SURVIVORS, tonight, February 13, at 8pm, and you don’t want to miss it. Survivors follows a group of people that survive a virus that almost decimated the whole population.

Now the survivors need to figure out what their next step is. As could be expected some of them decide to team up together and figure out what to do next. Among them we meet Abby Grant (Julie Graham), a mother looking for her son; Greg (Paterson Joseph), the responsible one of the group; Anya (Zoe Tapper), a doctor who has seen more than her share of people (and sometimes friends) dying; Al (Phillip Rhys), a former playboy who gets a reality check and becomes sort of a surrogate father to Najid (Chahak Patel), a kid trying to look for his family; and finally Tom (Max Beesley), a seemingly charming man, who, unbeknown to the others, used to be in a high-security prison before the virus hit. And that’s Survivors for you.

The show has quite a few things going for it, 1) it’s a British show, 2) it has good storylines, 3) it has great actors. After watching a couple of episodes, I was hooked. Sure, it’s not the most original concept, but the characters and stories are so compelling that you won’t really care.
Each character who is part of the main survivors we follow has some sort of backstory that creates a great dynamic. I am especially fascinated by the Tom storyline because you know, as the audience, that there is something off with him, but he is so damn charming that none of the survivors notice anything. And even you as the audience start to like him.

I don’t want to give too much away from the story because it’s really something that you have to experience for yourself as things unfold, but if the story sounds like something you would enjoy and especially if you are a fan of British shows (and if you’re not, seriously you need to start watching them) you must not miss the two-hour premiere of Survivors tonight, February 13 at 8pm on BBC America.

In the meantime, check out a clip and an extended inside look video below.