BRIDGET REGAN (Legend of the Seeker) Exclusive Interview

Legend of the Seeker Torn Episode - Craig Horner and Bridget Regan

I recently got a chance to talk to Bridget Regan, who plays Kahlan Amnell on Legend of the Seeker, about this week’s new episode “Torn” which will see her character go through quite a trip.

It’s no secret that I have been a huge fan of Bridget Regan since the beginning of Legend of the Seeker (you can read my previous interview with her here). she is a really talented actress that is just getting started in her career. I anticipate we’ll be soon seeing a lot more of her.

Bridget Regan talked about what you can expect from “Torn,” what’s coming up in the rest of the season, some of her upcoming projects, and much more. So make sure to tune in this weekend and watch Legend of the Seeker‘s new episode “Torn” (go to the official website to find your local time & channel). But for now enjoy the interview!

Can you talk about the big episode coming up?

Bridget Regan: Yeah, this weekend. It’s called ‘Torn’ and it’s been the most fun I’ve had on the show yet to date and it’s definitely going to be hard to top. Kahlan gets summoned to go to Aydindril where she would normally preside as Mother Confessor, kind of ruling over the land and things. She get summoned to go there and this amulet that’s supposed to take her there, something goes wrong and half of her stays with Richard and the other half of her goes to Aydindril. So she’s actually just split in two. The part that goes to Aydindril is The Confessor that puts duty above love and really is a leader. Then the other part of her that stays with Richard is all love and all heart and is just really emotions. The episode sort of explores this idea that we have all these different parts of ourselves in us but without the balance of the counterpart you can really go far to the extremes, to the left or to the right. So it was really like playing two new characters as well as Kahlan in this episode and so I just got to have a ball. It was so fun. I was quite busy switching costumes and running around and being in every single setup and every shot. But it was so cool and I’m really excited for everyone to see it.

They tease in the preview one of her lines. ‘I think I’m pregnant.’ Can you talk about that?

Bridget Regan: I know! I’ve given away so much but the thing about these parts being split in two, the one that’s left with Richard, all she wants to do is be with him. The bizarre part about is that they’re both completely fine, both of these women are completely fine with being split the way that they are. So it’s quite a predicament that we put the characters…that’s one of them, I guess you can say, if you want to call it a predicament. But yeah, that just happened. I adore working with everybody down here. Craig [Horner] and I, we had some smoochy days. So that’s always interesting but luckily they go quite well.

This splitting storyline sounds really interesting.

Bridget Regan: Yeah. They kept talking about it like an ego and id thing, like a yin and yang.

How was it getting back into character for season two? Are you still discovering new things about your character this time around?

Bridget Regan: One of the most interesting things that happened to me was that in between seasons I went and did a film that shot in the states, in New York and in Philadelphia and playing a different role was the most bizarre thing because I’d been playing Kahlan for nine months straight. The part that I play in this film, it’s called ‘The Best and the Brightest’ which is like a really funny, modern film and it’s the opposite of ‘Legend of the Seeker’. The part that I play is the opposite of Kahlan. She’s this insecure, out of work actress who is literally crazy and is kind of stalking Neil Patrick Harris in the film. It was a total trip and the first day on set I was kind of freaking out because I’m so used to playing this woman who’s so strong and confident and kicks ass, and after doing it for as long as I have I put on the costume and it’s so easy. I know who she is inside and out. The coolest part about doing the film is that it taught me even more about Kahlan because playing a part that’s not like her you go, ‘Gosh, that means that she’s so much more like this and not like that. She’s not insecure. She believes in who she is.’ So it’s exploring this whole other side of my personality that I don’t explore everyday at work.
It has been really cool and obviously the challenge of having Cara join the group has been challenging Kahlan’s character a lot. That’s been incredibly interesting to play with, toying with what she believes in. Does she believe in prophecies, does she not and Kahlan is trained to kill Mord-Sith and this one is actually showing that she can be trusted. So she’s being challenged a lot which I really love.

When will ‘The Best and the Brightest’ come out?

Bridget Regan: I’m sure it’s on there. It’s not out yet. I don’t think it’ll be out until next Christmas is what it’s looking at right now. But it’s a really terrific film. It’s written and directed by Josh Shelov. It’s about a couple who moves to New York and are played by Neil Patrick Harris and Bonnie Somerville and they’re doing everything that they can to get their young daughter into private school in Manhattan. If you know anything about private school in Manhattan you basically have to sell your leg or your grandmother to try and get in. They’re using all these tactics and connecting with a character played by Amy Sedaris and another one played by Christopher McDonald. It’s a really funny, fun movie. It’s a New York movie which is usually my favorite kind. So I was a sucker for it immediately after I read the script. I play Neil Patrick Harris’s ex-girlfriend that they have to call upon to get some favor from.

And she stalks him?

Bridget Regan: Well, I’m exaggerating when I say stalks him but she’s definitely happy when he calls her up to have a meeting with her because he needs some help from her. It was a lot of fun.

Outside ‘Legend of the Seeker’ do you have any other plans that you can share?

Bridget Regan: Well, my life and my job is the show. We’re down here nine months out of the year and no one has said the official word about whether we’re going or not for next season. But it has been really cool how much people love it and the idea that people enjoy my work and enjoy what I do as Kahlan, that’s absolutely thrilling to me. I’m so used to doing theater where you have the audience right there that gives you immediate feedback of, ‘Hey, they like you or they don’t.’ You either hear them laugh or they don’t and so you know it. Whereas with television your audience is so far away and so it’s really hard to know if they’re digging what you do. When I do hear anything like that, that someone likes me or likes the show it’s just so awesome. It’s great and a wonderful feeling. But I have been reading scripts and thinking about what I want to do on the break. Part of me feels like I need to runaway and have a holiday and lay on a beach or something like that because we work so hard and for such long hours. I would love to work a bit but I also think that I need to put my feet up for a little bit.

Legend of the Seeker Torn Episode - Craig Horner and Bridget Regan

How many episodes are still left for this season? I know you’re still shooting.

Bridget Regan: Yeah, we’re shooting. We’re in the middle of shooting and we actually started episode nineteen today and we go to twenty two. So it’s really not that much longer. It’s really flown by actually and me and Tab [Bethell] and Craig and Bruce [Spence], we’re all just going, ‘Wow, it seems like yesterday that we started this season.’ But that’s what happens when you work this much. It all kind of blows together and one episode blends in with the next because we’re on this quest, this mission this year to defeat the Keeper. So it’s carried on since episode one and it’s still going right now. We’re in the thick of it, I’ll tell you that.

Can you talk about what’s coming up?

Bridget Regan: In general this season we’ve had absolutely amazing guests on the show. I can’t say enough about them. We have John Rhys-Davies which will come out and Michael Nouri plays my father in an upcoming episode that was one of my other favorites this season. He’s probably my favorite that we’ve had out to work on the show. Then we’ve had Keisha Castle-Hughes who is a Kiwi, a New Zealander who was absolutely incredible to work with. Jolene Blalock and Gabriel Mann came back. We’ve just had one after another of all this great and talented group that bring such a cool energy to the show. It’s been really, really cool and I love having out of towners come in because I can actually give them advice now on what to do in New Zealand. It’s quite bizarre that I kind of live here.

How is the Kahlan/Cara relationship going to evolve?

Bridget Regan: That storyline in particular has been the most exciting addition to the show for me. I feel like the challenge of Cara’s presence and then vice versa with Kahlan challenging Cara’s intentions has been really interesting to play with. It’s evolving and changing and in each episode they’re getting closer and closer and trusting each other more and more. Kahlan, if she had a moment she would’ve killed Cara in a heartbeat and she hasn’t and she’s sort of learned to trust her. I think in episode sixteen this season Tab and I have a lot of great stuff together. It was really terrific to do. We get locked up in a tomb together and we’re forced to kind of deal with one another. It turned out really cool. I think that everyone is going to like it. She’s a terrific actress and I adore working with her. I keep saying it but I think she was the missing piece of the puzzle that we didn’t have last season. Love her.

What were some of the differences you encountered this season compared from season one?

Bridget Regan: So much. I think I really like the idea of Kahlan’s femininity and sexuality being kind of awakened more as she’s had this relationship with Richard grow. In previous episodes they’ve gotten really close to you know what and I like the idea of that bringing out a part of her personality that she didn’t expect to have. She was trained and taught that she will never be with a man that she loves which is just a horrible thing to imagine. ‘No. You’re just not allowed to love.’ It was a world of pain that I was walking into when I started working on Kahlan and where she comes from and what she’s driven by. It’s all beauty and responsibility and that’s what makes her a hero and incredibly cool to play and challenging but I like the idea of all these human aspects of her coming out and being explored. That’s happened a lot this season. I love that stuff. I love it when she’s just a woman who’s in love with a man. I relate to her so much then and that’s probably why I relate to that stuff.

I have a feeling that we’re going to see a lot of that this weekend.

Bridget Regan: Yes. I think you might.

If you could guest star on any show which one would it be?

Bridget Regan: That’s presently on or ever been on?

That’s ever been on.

Bridget Regan: ‘Deadwood’, ‘Deadwood’, ‘Deadwood’. I adore ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Sopranos’. Those are amazing. I also love ‘Entourage’ and ‘True Blood’ is great. I love television and I never get to watch television. I don’t get to watch enough of it. I just started ‘The Wire’ which I’m obsessed with now and ‘Weeds’. I could go on. You opened up a barrel of monkeys. But ‘Deadwood’ is absolutely my favorite. Ian McShane is just like a God to be worshipped. I love it.

I know your busy so I’ll let you get back to work.

Bridget Regan: Yes, back to work. Back to the corset and the daggers, everything.