Webseries Spotlight: TEASE

Tease webseries

[Since I always receive tons of emails about new webseries, I thought we should have a new Webseries Spotlight feature, which will highlight some of the webseries that I think you guys might enjoy or should maybe take a look at.]

TEASE is a dramedy from creators Micah Goldman, Michael Wormser, and Peter Jacobsen (“The Nanny”) about a budding writer who goes undercover at a strip club to find herself drawn in by the allure and politics of exotic dancing.

Tease is also part of 15 Gigs, Fox Television Studios’ digital content incubator, for which it has enlisted an army of producers aiming to take their content from the Web to TV, theaters, DVD or mobile phones.

The pilot has been release as three webisodes and could be a quick, fun watch if you have some time to kill. You can watch the trailer and all three episodes of Tease below, and then you can head over to the official website for more info.