THE OFFICE “Manager and Salesman” Review


On tonight’s episode of The Office, “Manager and Salesman,” new boss Jo managed to bring order back to the Dunder Mifflin universe. I have to say that I’m loving Kathy Bates in this role and it feels like she’s re-energized the show. She called out Michael and Jim on their “knucklehead talk” and now Michael is back to being the boss and Jim is back to sales. Does this mean Jim is back to his old prank-pulling self? I certainly hope so. The sight of him loosening his tie, rolling up his sleeves, and dunking Dwight’s tie in his coffee makes me think that the old Jim that we know and love is back.

So who’s a better couple: Dwight and Ryan or Andy and Erin? Dwight and Ryan make a pathetically ineffective team, but they are hilarious to watch (the teal scarf somehow made Ryan look even douchier than normal). Now that their goal of seeing Jim demoted has been realized, I hope the writers find another way for Dwight and Ryan to continue to work together. As for Erin and Andy, I still think they make a cute couple even though she doesn’t know who Snoopy and Woodstock are (who doesn’t know that?). They’re really dragging out their hookup but I can see how Andy would be a little shy since his last relationship (with Angela) was a colossal disaster.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from The Office “Manager and Salesman”:

Erin: Aww, it’s a bird and a dog!
Andy: Yeah, well, it’s Snoopy and Woodstock.
Erin: You named them?
Andy: Um. Charles Schultz did.

Jo: They love a good crotch.

Michael; Jo, I don’t know how it works in Florida, which, from your description, sounds like a colorful, lawless swamp.

Andy: Yours in professionalism, Nard Dog

Overall, I think this was one of the best episodes in an uneven season and I’m taking it as a sign that the show is back on track. So what did you think of tonight’s episode of The Office? Are you happy that Jim’s back in sales? Leave your comments below

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(Photos: Courtesy of NBC)