HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Review – “Rabbit or Duck” Season 5 Episode 15


What did you think of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, “Rabbit or Duck?”

After Barney’s surprise appearance at the Super Bowl on Sunday, I was really looking forward to this episode. I liked how his stunt at the game tied into the story and ultimately backfired because of his inability to focus on one woman at a time. (By the way, I’ve tried calling 1-877-987-6401 but it’s always busy. Apparently if you get through, there’s a message from Barney asking you to meet him at MacLaren’s bar in 2016.) Barney’s over-the-top womanizing sometimes feels a little sleazy, but his meltdown had me laughing.

My favorite part about tonight’s How I Met Your Mother was all the callbacks to previous episodes. Ranjit returned as Barney’s driver, Don attempted the Naked Man with Robin, Ted used “lawyered,” and Lily and Marshall referred to some of Ted’s old girlfriends (including Blah Blah). We hadn’t seen Don, Robin’s pantless co-anchor, since “Last Cigarette Ever” and I was wondering what was happening with him. Now that Robin sees him as a “duck,” I guess we’ll be seeing more of him. I am really rooting for Robin and Barney to get back together, but since I don’t think that’s going to happen right away, Robin should get out there and date other guys. I mean, Barney’s acting like he’s over her, so maybe it’s time for her to get a new boyfriend.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Rabbit or Duck”:

Barney: I just can’t hook up with a girl if there is a hotter girl out there with whom up can be hooked.

Marshall: Robin, you are going to marry this guy so frickin’ hard…right in the butt.

Ted: You’re the best pickers I know. You picked each other.
Lily: Well, with a slight assist from the Wesleyan Housing Department.
Marshall: And a healthy splash of Drakkar Noir.

So did I miss any of the callbacks to previous How I Met Your Mother episodes? Are you Team Duck or Team Rabbit? Leave your comments below!

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