HOUSE “5 to 9” Review

house 5 to 9 (5)

Tonight’s episode of HOUSE “5 to 9” is not like other episodes. This time instead of seeing the events unfold through House’s eyes, we spend the whole episode following Dr. Cuddy around and finding out everything she has to deal with on a day to day basis. This will really give you a whole new respect for her, and I now feel so much more invested in her character. And I have to say, she is a really patient person, especially with House. If we had to deal with everything she has to deal with and add on top of that House constantly pushing our buttons, most of us would probably lose our mind.

Now this is probably one of the hardest days in Cuddy’s life, but it’s so much fun getting to see how she juggles hospital issues, staff disputes, administrative issues, and her personal life. I almost hope that they start doing that kind of episode for the other characters on House. I mean who else would love to see an episode focus on a day in Wilson’s life? Now that would be so much fun.

“5 to 9” is definitely one of the better episodes of House and a nice break from the regular case episodes. I think that fans of the show will enjoy seeing this new side of Cuddy.

So make sure you don’t miss tonight’s, February 8, new episode of House “5 to 9” at 8pm on FOX.

  • Shulkie

    Reviewer Fail. They already had an episode centered on Wilson’s life. You know, the one where he gave part of his liver to a jerkoff? I agree it’s fun to see it from Cuddy’s point of view, but this review was lacking.

    • Shulkie,

      I don’t think there has been an episode that focuses solely on Wilson the entire episode. Sure there has been some that were a little more Wilson centric, but never to the extent this one was about Cuddy. But you are free to disagree.

    • Shulkie,

      I stand corrected, there was an episode that was totally about Wilson, I just didn’t remember it being that way. I guess this episode made more of an impact. Sorry for doubting your infallible memory. 😉

  • Winslow


    There actually was. It was episode 11, called “Wilson”. It aired on January 11.

    • Winslow

      Oops, I mean November 30.

    • Winslow – I do remember that the episode was about Wilson, but I honestly didn’t remember it to be that Wilson-centric, but I think you’re right it was. Shame on me for not remembering. It must not have as captivating as this episode I guess.

      That said I still want to see other episodes center on other character. There hasn’t been any of those has it? 😉