LOST Season 6 Premiere Review

Lost Season 6 Cast

The season 6 and final season of LOST has premiered, and the questions keep on coming.

There are so many things to talk about the 2-hour season premiere, so I’ll just take one thing at a time.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse mentioned that this season there would be a new timing device to tell the stories and we finally found out what it is. I’m going to call it the “what if” time device. On the one hand we see what happens on the people who are still on the island but back in the present, even though Juliet apparently did make the bomb explode. On the other hand, we see the story from the beginning and what happens next if the plane never crashes (turns out the island did explode and is now under sea).

Now the question is, what does that mean? Which story is true? Or are they both true in two separate universes?

This is even more confusing given the fact that Juliet’s final words were “It worked.” Still not sure what that means.

Speaking of Juliet, we were told she would be back this season, and she was, but these sneaky writers only kept her for a few seconds. She will be dearly missed this season, but at least we can still see Elizabeth Mitchell on her new show, V.

Part of the exciting part of having the parallel storyline is that we got to see some old dead favorites like Charlie, Boone and Claire, which made me realize I still miss them. However, one character that was missing to the reunion was Shannon, I wonder if we’re going to end up seeing her at all this season.

The no plane crash story was also pretty fascinating to watch because it involves characters we have come to know over the years put in totally different situations than we are used to see them in. So for example you get to see Sawyer before his walls are broken down, and we get to see Kate escape custody (or at least it looks like she’s escaping) and meeting Claire in the process. Finally the story I’m the most curious about seeing develop is the Jack and Locke storyline, because I want to know if there is anything Jack can do to help Locke walk again.

It looks like the parallel storyline will be used throughout the season, so I’m hoping we get to a lot more of how the characters turn out.

But now let’s talk about the plane crash story, because we learn quite a number of things tonight.

First of all, the biggest revelation tonight is that fake Locke is the freaking smoke monster!! Seriously, who saw that one coming? Because I for sure didn’t. But what we still don’t know is where it came from and why it wants to get off the island.

Another thing we discovered is that Richard actually knows Mr. Smoke Monster and that at some points he was held in chains and escaped. Can’t wait to find out what that was all about, especially since I’ve always been curious about Richard.

Finally, Jacob is dead, but he was still able to let Hurley know what they needed to do. Turns out they needed to take Sayid to a temple where more Others live. There we find out that if Sayid dies, they’re pretty much all screwed, and guess what, here’s another question, why is Sayid so important?

And of course, Lost once again leaves you on one crazy cliffhanger: Sayid is alive!!

And so I say Lost has still got it. This was a great start to the season and I think one of the biggest questions that came out of tonight’s episode was which story is the real one? The no plane crash one or the plane crash one? And what did Juliet mean when she said “It worked”?

There are many more questions left be answered but for now I’ll let you share your thoughts on tonight’s premiere.