LINDSAY PULSIPHER (The Beast and True Blood) Exclusive Interview

Lindsay Pulsipher in The Beast

Earlier today I got a chance to talk to LINDSAY PULSIPHER about The Beast, in which she played Rose Lawrence and which is being made available online at

Lindsay Pulsipher has also been cast in the new season of True Blood as Jason Stackhouse’s new romantic interest, Crystal Norris. She talked about her experience shooting the first episode and the first weird encounter between her character and Jason.

Lindsay Pulsipher also talked about some of her upcoming projects and more. So enjoy the interview below and don’t forget to check out The Beast over at

How exciting is it that ‘The Beast’ is going online now?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I know. I’m so excited. It totally deserves to be seen by everybody so I’m really excited about it.

Can you talk about your work in “The Beast,” the character that you play, and the experience of being on the show?

Lindsay Pulsipher: First of all it was an amazing show to work on and all the creators and the writers and all my cast mates. We ended up becoming a family. Just really amazing people. I think that always helps when you have a good relationship with your partners. I auditioned for the show during pilot season, during the writer’s strike and I was working at a time when a lot of my friends weren’t which I was really grateful. My character, when I actually first auditioned she was supposed to be an undercover agent and they switched that on me when we got picked up for series. So when I auditioned for Rose she was completely different from what she ended up being. So I got to play a double side character, I guess. She was really fun. She kind of had a little bit of a feistiness to her, a no nonsense kind of girl. She didn’t really put up with Ellis who was played by Travis Fimmel. She wouldn’t put up with his BS. She was kind of a tough cookie which was fun. She was a lot of fun to play. The show was great. It was kind of bittersweet because as a team we’d all gotten really excited about the show and then when Patrick [Swayze] got sick it was just hard. I didn’t really want to continue if he wasn’t one hundred percent behind it. So if he was ready and able to do it and really wanted to, then that really got me excited and I was ready to do it but overall it was an amazing show and a great, great experience.

You mentioned that they switched your character. As an actress, how did that affect you, your preparation and just being able to do the role?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Well, I guess with TV you kind of deal with that on each episode anyway. Your storyline twists and turns and you kind of discover new things each episode about your character. It’s not like a film where it’s laid out and you know the entire polarity of the character. With TV you get thrown curveballs all the time. So I think that it was just a curveball for me that I went with and you trust the writers. You just do your job.

Can you talk about your favorite episode of the show?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I have to say that I think it’s the pilot. I think it really almost reminded me of a feature film. The way that they shot it, all the cinematography was incredible and there was a lot packed into the pilot. They really made it meaty and just really dark and gritty. I loved it. I loved the pilot. After I watched it, I’d had a big party with friends and as we watched it everybody was so excited to see the next episode. I think the pilot really set the bar for the rest of the series. I think it was really cool.

Was there one moment that you had on the show that you’d consider your best one from that experience?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Wow. There were lots. I think a highlight for me was when I was able to, my character Rose…I played Ellis’s love interest. So for the most part I was working with Travis Fimmel. He’s great and I love him. He was really fun to work with. But I guess the highlight was when I actually go to do my scenes with Patrick Swayze. It was towards the end. I think it was the second to last episode of the season and we hadn’t actually acted together up until then. So that was a magical and surreal moment, being able to act with Patrick Swayze who I’ve loved and adored for so long. It was really special and magic.

Congratulations to you on getting cast on ‘True Blood’. Have you started shooting the episodes that you’re in yet?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Yeah. I started right after the holiday break, right at the beginning of January. Right after the new year.

Can you talk about your character in the show?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I can tell you a little bit of what I know. I still don’t know. Like I said, with TV you kind of get thrown all these curveballs. But she’s this mysterious girl that Jason Stackhouse sees. He sees her in the forest. You know how he is with the ladies. He’s quite the ladies man. He sees her through the trees and his interest is piqued and then she runs away. They meet up again later in Bon Temps. They have this really amazing connection and then it goes from there.

What’s the difference between working on something like ‘True Blood’ compared to ‘The Beast’?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Well, every project is different. To be honest I’ve actually only shot one episode of ‘True Blood’. I’m working again today. But everyone is so nice. I was a little intimidated coming into a show that’s already well established and really popular and people love it. I was a little intimidated. It’s like going to your first day of school, you don’t really know anybody and are a little nervous but everyone is so cool and so welcoming and they love their job. You can tell that everyone loves their job. So all of that dissipated very quickly and I felt right at home instantly. Every project varies. That’s not to say that ‘The Beast’ wasn’t like that. That was amazing, too. You just tend to form these relationships with people because you’re with them. You spend so much time with them. Everybody on ‘The Beast’ was great as well. I love the bonding. It’s really great.

It must’ve been a little different with ‘The Beast’ since you were there from the start and with ‘True Blood’ there’s already been a couple of seasons.

Lindsay Pulsipher: Yeah, definitely, we all started on ‘The Beast’ together. We were all there from day one and we saw the show grow and take on it’s own life. So, yeah, it’s been different coming into a show as a newbie, being not familiar and being the new girl. But it’s been a great experience. I’m just so excited to be on the show.

Can you talk about how you prepare for a part in general, and more specifically for your parts on ‘The Beast’ and ‘True Blood’? When you get a script what doess your process involve?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Well, I’m a very visual person. When I’m reading a script or if I’m preparing for a scene I really like to create the story in a visual sense. I take myself out of the character completely and almost watch the character as a spectator, if that makes sense. I’m observing the character as a third person. So I don’t make it too personal so that she’s her own person. I read it like I do a novel. When you read a book you create this image in your head of what these people are doing and the story in your head is more of a visual thing. I guess that I do that with scripts, too. I almost look at it as a spectator as opposed to being right in it. I know that sounds cheesy but then I feel like I can then learn from watching it if that makes sense.

Can you talk about some of your upcoming projects?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Yeah. I just wrapped a couple of films. There’s this series of short films [“Do Not Disturb”] that Mali Elfman and Maureen Flannigan are doing. It’s five different directors and it all takes place in the same hotel room and my segment was called ‘Oceans Away’. It’s kind of a sci-fi vignette that’s kind of out there. I’m playing opposite Eric Balfour. It was really cool. It’s going to be really fun. I think the whole project is going to be really cool and I’m excited to see how it all comes together. Then I just finished another film called ‘The Oregonian’ with this director named Calvin Reeder. We shot that in November and December up in Seattle up in Joshua Tree, in the mountains and the desert. That’s also kind of an art film. It’s really bizarre but I love it. I think it’s going to be really pretty amazing.

Do you know when ‘Do Not Disturb’ is scheduled to come out?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I don’t have specifics on that. I’m not sure when. I know that they’re going to do a festival run but I don’t know when.

I also see that there’s ‘The Story of Bonnie and Clyde’ listed on your imdb page. Is that something that you’re about to do?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Yeah. It’s been in pre-production for a little while. I think there’s been scheduling conflicts with actors and it’s just been in pre-production for a while. But I am still slated to do that.

Do you have a dream role that you’d want to do or have been wanting to do?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Wow. I guess I don’t really think about that. I guess that I can’t really put myself into a box that way. I can’t think that there’s one end all be all. I think there are lots that I want to do. I guess there’s not one specific one. I like to keep it open and there are many. There are a lot that I’d like to do.

That’s good. Then you’ll be happy with all of them.

Lindsay Pulsipher: Yeah. I guess if you have one focus then you lose the appreciation for all of them.

Is there one particular show that you’d love to guest star on that you haven’t had a chance to yet?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I don’t know.

Is there one show that you watch that you love or do you not watch a lot of TV?

Lindsay Pulsipher: No, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I guess if I could go back and be on a show from the past I would be on ‘The Wire’. I think ‘The Wire’ is the most amazing show ever but currently, yeah, I just don’t watch a lot of TV. I watch a lot of movies.