HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “The Perfect Week” Review (With Spoilers)


What did you think of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother “The Perfect Week?”

Barney, Barney, Barney. I think I agree with Lily when she says your womanizing shenanigans (aka the sport of sleeping with random hotties) are a cry for help. Seriously, tonight’s episode had some funny moments, but I couldn’t help but feel an ick factor when watching Ted and Barney trying to pick the dumbest girl in the bar. Thankfully the baseball references and the hilarious scenes between Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Nantz saved the episode.

As for the other storylines, Marshall and Lily and the shared toothbrush was my favorite. I love how they didn’t understand why everyone found this “super weird.” Ted and Robin were both so grossed out, but then it turned out they had used the toothbrush too and I loved their reactions when they figured this out.

Maybe it’s because the gag went on for too long, but I just didn’t find the Cook Pu jokes that funny. Making fun of the girl with the foreign name? What are the writers? Twelve? The whole thing just seemed mean-spirited and I feel like HIMYM is better than that.

So I guess this episode was kind of a mixed bag for me – some really funny, clever baseball references and some juvenile poo jokes – but they all can’t be perfect, right?

Let me know what you thought of How I Met Your Mother “The Perfect Week? by leaving a comment below!

Also to conclude, here are some of my moments and quotes from How I Met Your Mother “The Perfect Week?:

Jim, there’s nothing routine about the way I get down. – Barney
Ok, let me try to Canada this up for ya, eh? – Lily
Lily, if one of the Vancouver Canucks walked in here, my panties would drop so hard there would be a hole in the floor halfway to China – Robin

The combination of the baseball metaphors and the music from Major League
Marshall’s use of performance enhancing drugs (while Lily is in the background humming)
The “Seven up, Seven down” baseball caps and Barney’s induction into The Hall of Game

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