LIFE UNEXPECTED “Rent Uncollected” Early Review


Episode 3 of the new CW series LIFE UNEXPECTED explores the joys (or stresses) of family. Up until now the show has been about Baze, Cate and Lux. In “Rent Uncollected” we are introduced to members of both Baze’s and Cate’s family. With family, comes opinions, and everyone seems to have one about Lux and her future. Nate’s parents in particular seem to have an opinion about everybody – but Baze might be partially to blame. What do you think Lux will think of her grandparents? I was surprised by Baze’s parents and Cate’s mom, their personalities and backgrounds were not what I would have expected. The show is doing a great job so far of keeping the plot interesting with new characters and situations.

Baze’s troubles extend beyond his family when we learn (as the name of the episode implies) that he’s having trouble making rent. Does Baze need to get his act together, or are his parents being unfair in their judgment? What do you think will happen if Baze is unable to afford his bar?

“Rent Uncollected” also features Lux’s boyfriend, Bug. What do you guys think of him? Personally, I hated him at first but he’s starting to grow on me. He seems to treat Lux good, it’s just a little disturbing because she’s so young.

In “Rent Uncollected” a decision is made about Lux’s future without her knowing about it. Since she’s been taking care of herself pretty much her whole life, you can imagine that she is unhappy when she finds out. Are Cate and Baze going to be able to place any rules on Lux?

This was another solid episode from this new show and I definitely think the CW has a winner on their hands. Life Unexpected “Rent Uncollected” airs Monday February 1 at 9 PM on the CW – check it out!