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Eddie Cibrian

In anticipation of Hallmark’s new orignial movie, HEALING HANDS, which premieres Saturday, March 20 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C), I thought I would share a really nice profile of Eddie Cibrian, who stars in the movie. So enjoy and you can also find a larger version of his photo all the way down.

You’ve got to believe that Eddie Cibrian has packed an awful lot of living into his 36 years on the planet. He’s a poker player, a golfer, a surfer, a water skier, a tennis player and a basketball player. And when he’s not playing, he’s managed to slip in an acting career during which he has performed as a TV series regular on eight different shows (with his newest role on a winning little drama called “CSI: Miami”).

Oh yeah, and he’s also a dad to sons Mason and Jake, ages six and two.

Yet while Cibrian can still take off his shirt and boast an impressive set of pecs, it seems clear that he would like to move past the whole hunk thing that, in 2006, landed him on People magazine’s list of the 100 Most Beautiful People Alive. For one thing, there’s his new made-for-TV movie that finds Cibrian portraying not a macho firefighter (as he did for five seasons on NBC’s “Third Watch”) or a slick card shark (as he was in the 2005 ESPN series “Tilt”) but…a janitor.


Of course, Buddy Hoyt, Cibrian’s alter ego in the Hallmark Channel HD Original Movie “Healing Hands” (Saturday, March 20 at (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C) is no ordinary custodian. Buddy is not only adept with a broom and dustpan; he can also heal through the simple miracle of his touch in a flick that co-stars Lisa Sheridan (“Invasion”), Meagan Fay (“Malcolm in the Middle”) and the legendary Patrick Duffy (“Dallas”).

“The script came to me and I thought it was just a great story,” says Cibrian of “Healing Hands.” “I play a guy from a small town who was raised by foster parents, a janitor at a local high school. He’s a goodhearted guy with a loving girlfriend who finds out he has this unique gift to heal people.

“Here is a guy who has been kind of walking through life barely noticed by people. And now he’s saddled with this great ability, responsibility, and sudden visibility. The sad part is, every time he helps somebody, it takes a little piece of him away and drains his energy. It forces him to make a fateful decision about what he really wants in his life.”

It turns out that the film has a few uncomfortable corollaries to Cibrian’s real life, as last summer the actor suddenly found himself thrust into the tabloid media glare due to personal issues and a separation from his wife of eight years, Brandi Glanville (who also is the mother of his two sons).

But Cibrian has largely weathered the disquieting intrusion with steadiness and class, and was fortunate to have a solid job to throw himself into in July when he was hired as a regular for the eighth season of “CSI: Miami.” He plays Jesse Cardoza, an officer from the Hollywood Division who joins the squad in Miami.

Lest this seem like a small thing, “CSI: Miami” was recently deemed the world’s most popular television show, based on a ratings study of 20 countries by the company Informa Telecoms and Media.

Cibrian had been cast as a lead in a CBS drama series pilot entitled “Washington Field,” which wound up not making the network’s fall schedule. But CBS brass wondered if he might be interested in portraying this new character “Miami” was considering adding.

He didn’t need to be asked twice.

“Oh man, it’s huge!” Cibrian exults. “To be on this series that’s mega-popular the world over, it really doesn’t get much better than that, does it? I didn’t even have to read for it. We just kind of worked out a deal over a weekend and by Monday I was signed. It’s so cool when something that great just kind of gets tossed in your lap.”

Indeed it is. It’s even better for the fact that the “Miami” cast hasn’t engaged in any tactics like hazing the new kid.

“They’ve made me feel at home from the first moment,” Cibrian insists on the show that shoots not in Miami but Manhattan Beach, CA. “It’s amazing to arrive in a ready-made situation where everyone has his role down like clockwork.”

It wasn’t nearly so mature on the set of “Healing Hands” during its 25-day shoot this year in Simi Valley, CA. Oh, it was all in good fun and everything, but the cast and crew had a special present for Cibrian when he celebrated his 36th birthday on the set.

“I come to work that morning and I see a bunch of people surrounding my trailer and hanging around, which is strange in itself,” Cibrian recalls. “I go in and I see this big blowup doll of our director, Bradford May, and there’s a sign plastered to it that reads, ‘Oh please, Mr. Hoyt, please work your miracle on me. And of course the doll had had a picture of Brad’s face placed over it. It was such a hoot, and really a pretty good indication of the kind of spirit we had on this shoot.”

Cibrian surely has come a long way since the Burbank, CA-born Cuban-American landed in 1994 as daytime’s latest soap hunk in “The Young and the Restless.” Within two years, he already had begun his graduation to prime time in the syndicated “Baywatch Nights,” following that up with regular stints on the likes of “Sunset Beach,” “Tilt” and “Third Watch” as well as recurring roles on “Ugly Betty” and “The Starter Wife.”

When he’s not working, Cibrian can be found with his boys, playing sports or giving his time to charities that revolve around cancer research.

“Both my mom and dad had cancer,” Cibrian says. “Thank God they’re both still around. You never know. That thing can rear its ugly head at any time. So I like to dedicate myself to helping build awareness and making sure we put as much attention as possible on research to get rid of cancer once and for all.”

Cibrian admits to having no great passionate focus for what he’d like to accomplish in acting from this point forward “aside from continuing to be an artist and dabble in a little bit of everything. I do know that a musical is probably out of the question, because I can’t sing a lick.

“My goals change as I go along and get older. But I have to say I really love television and don’t see that changing. I love the idea of playing and evolving a character over time in a series like ‘CSI: Miami.’ And let’s face it, I’m lucky to have gotten everything I have so far in this business. Talent isn’t enough. Looks aren’t enough. You need luck too. And thank God I’ve had it – and still do.”

Eddie Cibrian - Healing Hands