PSYCH “You Can’t Handle This” Review


In “You Can’t Handle This”, Shawn and Gus teams up with Juliet’s brother, Ewen (John Cena) to try and solve the death of a soldier that looks like a suicide.

The investigation itself is pretty blah and forgettable but it was interesting to see a new side to O’Hara in the presence of her brother. I wasn’t totally sold on the brother-sister relationship as it is hard to imagine Juliet being related to someone like Cena but I went with it.

Shawn and Abigail are facing the dilemma of long distance relationship which I believe is more of a plot device to release Rachel Leigh Cook from the show so we can have Shawn in different relationships. Just a theory but I think it’s close to the truth.

Was this the best Psych episode ever? No. I felt there wasn’t enough of Shawn and Gus moments and also felt that there could have been a juicier investigation. Now, did I still enjoy the episode? Hell yes! I love Psych unconditionally and will forgive almost anything they do 🙂

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