LIFE UNEXPECTED “House Inspected” Early Review


If you are like me and instantly became a fan of the LIFE UNEXPECTED pilot, you may be wondering what the show has in store next. I mean, it seemed like everyone was ready to live happily ever after when the pilot ended. Well, I can tell you that in episode 2 titled “House Inspected”, which airs on Monday January 25 at 9pm, you’ll find out that there is more to Lux than meets the eye. You’ll learn some information about her that is somewhat troubling to her parents, and to me as a viewer. However, I feel like this is what’s going to set the show up for success. The characters aren’t perfect people, which means they all have tons of room to grow.

During most of the episode, Nate and Cate are trying to figure out the whole parent thing. It starts with a home inspection by the social worker to make sure they have safe living conditions for Lux. Do you think Nate will be able to pull through pass the inspection living in his bachelor pad? What about Cate who lives with her fiance? N & C also realize that having a child is more than giving it a place to sleep, they will also have to free up their personal schedules to give Lux what she needs.

Lastly, Cate tells a huge lie that hurts Lux. This causes Lux to make an unexpected request that could change everything. This is a great show and “House Inspected” proves that they had more up their sleeve than just the outstanding pilot. As the relationships between Baze (Nate) and Cate are explored, as well as the relationship between Baze, Cate, and Lux, my interest only gets stronger. This is a show that is looking like it will deliver throughout the season.