Webseries Spotlight: PARAABNORMAL

ParaAbnormal webseries

[Since I always receive tons of emails about new webseries, I thought we should have a new Webseries Spotlight feature, which will highlight some of the webseries that I think you guys might enjoy or should maybe take a look at.]

Our webseries spotlight today is PARAABNORMAL , which is described as the ghost hunting ‘Reno 911.’

ParaAbnormal is sort of a Ghost Hunters parody, which is really easy and fun to watch.

Here is some more information about the team behind the webseries:

Eduardo Sanchez – producer, co-director
Eduardo has been making films since he was 16-years old, including the award-winning Independent feature GABRIEL’S DREAM, which he shot in 1991 for $3,000. He co-wrote, co-edited, and co-directed the 1999 film THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, which grossed over $140 million theatrically in North America. He also designed and built the original BlairWitch.com website and co-directed the TV special CURSE OF THE BLAIR WITCH for The Sci-FI Channel. Most recently, Eduardo directed the feature film ALTERED, which was distributed by Universal Home Entertainment. His new film, SEVENTH MOON, was shot in Hong Kong and will be out in October from Ghosthouse Entertainment.

Jamie Nash – series creator, co-director, writer
Jamie Nash is a Maryland based writer/filmmaker who enjoys working in various genres. He’s the writer of the horror/Sci-Fi film “Altered” (distributed by Rogue Pictures), co-director/writer of the Christmas Horror Comedy TWO FRONT TEETH, the writer of the in-production feature I WAS A SEVENTH GRADE DRAGONSLAYER (starring Lea Thompson) and shares story by credit on the feature.

Demetrea Triantafillides – producer
Three time EMMY winner, Demetrea directed the cult favorite short film “NAKED MAN” and has been directing/producing award-winning short films since 2001 with her production partner and sister, Maria Triandos. She is a NBC director of MEET THE PRESS, NIGHTLY NEWS AND THE CHRIS MATTHEWS SHOW.

Episodes for ParaAbnormal are released weekly and you can find them all at www.paraabnormal.tv.

You can also check out the six episodes from the first case the team works on below. Hope you enjoy.