LA LA LAND Season 1 Review


LA LA LAND is a new half-hour series that will premiere on Showtime on Monday, January 25 at 11pm. It follows three wannabes struggling (all played by British comedian Marc Wootton) to find fame and fortune in Los Angeles.

In the first episode we meet Brendan Allen, a talentless documentary filmmaker who longs to be the next Morgan Spurlock; Shirley Ghostman, a medium – whose skills are questionable – who fled England and longs to become America’s next psychic superstar; and Gary Garner, an East-London taxi driver who tries to start up an acting career as an action star.

The show is a hybrid of documentary and comedy. While Marc Wootton is playing all three characters, everybody else in the show, including his entourage, such as Kiki (Brendan’s assistant), Chico (Shirley’s driver), and Ruta (Gary’s mentor) are completely unaware that he is an actor, which leads to quite a few funny situations.

Originally, I wasn’t sure this was going to be a show for me, but I decided to give it a shot. So I started watching the first episode, and after that I still wasn’t sure I liked the show, but then I sort of felt like watching another episode, and another one and before I knew it, I had watched all 6 episodes from the first season back to back. So I guess you could say that I enjoyed it, if nothing else it kept me interested enough to want to find out how it all ends.

I also found myself talking about some of the show’s outrageous scenes, which mostly happen with Brendan and his assistant Kiki, who will do anything he tells her to do, and when I say anything, I mean anything. It goes from cutting the ropes of rock climbers (while they’re not on it, but still) to stealing stuff from an actor’s house they are shooting at. It’s pretty insane.

Gary is another pretty outrageous character, who can’t help but say the wrong thing every single time. Sometimes to the point where even I would get mad at him, but it’s so much funnier when you see other people having to deal with him.

As for Shirley, he was my least favorite character and storyline, but it was still watchable along with the other two stories.

Overall, if La La Land sounds like a show you might enjoy, you might want to give it a shot. And if you’re not sure, why not give it a shot as well, it’s quite fun to watch.

Don’t forget that La La Land premieres on Monday, January 25, at 11pm on Showtime.