ICE DREAMS on Hallmark Channel

Ice Dreams

Watch a preview and check out photos of Hallmark’s original movie, ICE DREAMS which premieres Saturday, January 23 (9p.m. ET/PT 8C).

Here’s another original Hallmark movie that you can enjoy on a Saturday night. Ice Dreams wasn’t my favorite Hallmark movie, but it is a sweet one that I think you Hallmark lovers will enjoy.

Ice Dreams Synopsis: When U.S. Olympian Amy Clayton’s (Cauffiel) father died trying to get his daughter to practice on time, it only seemed right to hang up her skates for good, even if it meant disappointing her mother, Harriet (Long). But the call of the run-down Mid City Ice Rink was too strong to ignore, and having worked out a deal with Skipper (Stiller) and the owner the rink, Amy has continued to skate privately. When the owner passes away, he leaves the rink to his nephew, Tim King (Smith), who arrives to decide the property’s fate. Having skated there for years as a kid, Tim knows what the rink means to the few who still frequent it, among them aspiring figure skater Nicky Laston (Noelle Bruno). But the offer from developers to buy the property is tempting, and with dwindling funds, Tim is finding it almost impossible to keep the rink open.
Meanwhile, Nicky and her mom find out that Amy is skating at Mid City, and convince the reluctant (and broke) ex-Olympian to coach Nicky. Although reluctant at first, Amy recognizes Nicky’s dedication and talent, and through coaching the ambitious young skater, she has the chance to reevaluate her own dreams, even the one she thought she had left behind.
Ice Dreams stars Jessica Cauffiel, Shelley Long, Jerry Stiller, and Brady Smith.

(Photos: Courtesy of Hallmark)