Season 3 of SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL will premiere on Showtime on Monday, February 1, at 10pm, and it’s going to be quite a ride.

In this new season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Belle/Hannah is back to her old ways, but she also published a book anonymously about her life as an escort. When the season starts, the book is launched, which ends up being a big success. Now pushed by her editor, Duncan, Belle decides to write a second more outrageous book. And in order to do so she starts looking for new client experiences that she can write about.
In the midst of all this, her sister Jackie moves in with Hannah, after finding out her husband is cheating on her. And if having her around wasn’t complicated enough, Jackie also stirs trouble between Hannah and Ben.
Even worse, Belle starts having feelings for her editor Duncan, which only makes things even more complicated.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl is a show that I have been following since season 1 and love. I usually always end up watching all the episodes of a season back to back because the show is so compelling, and this third season is no different. I sat down and started watching the first episode, and before I knew it, I had gone through all eight new episodes wishing there was more. So I think it’s safe to say the show hasn’t lost its edge, quite the opposite actually, it was able to renew itself and captivate us once more.

I love the fact that Belle is trying out new things with new clients, it makes the show even more exciting and fun to watch. To give you an idea, there will be some role playing, food will be involved at some point, and there might even be role reversals.

I also love that Bambi is back and given a storyline of her own, which ended up being one of my favorite things of the season. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you were a fan of hers last season, then I think you’re going to love her even more this season.

We also meet a few new characters including Duncan, Belle’s editor, Hannah’s sister, Jackie, and Byron, one of Bambi’s new regular client.

The season has a really great story arc, as Belle continues to struggle with her double identity, and the final episode will leave you hoping for a fourth season.

Billie Piper is of course once again perfect as Belle/Hannah and I really hope we get to see more of her in a fourth season.

Overall, season 3 is another great one for Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and you shouldn’t miss it when it premieres on Showtime Monday, February 1, at 10pm. On Monday, January 25, Showtime will air an exclusive interview with Billie Piper and the real Belle du Jour Dr. Brooke Magnanti who has just stepped out of anonymity, at 10pm, so make sure to check that out as well.