ABC Medianet To Daemon’s TV: Access Denied


So you guys might have noticed that in the past couple of weeks, we have significantly reduced our coverage of ABC shows. This is due to the fact that ABC Medianet, the official press site for ABC network, has unfortunately removed photo access for Daemon’s TV.

When we reached out to ABC Medianet to inquire about the reason behind this sudden change, we were told that we uploaded too many photos from ABC and that they did not understand why we needed to provide so many photos for ABC shows. Essentially, it seems that we are providing too much coverage on each of their shows, and they do not want to have so many ABC photos out there. In addition, we were told that since Daemon’s TV was not a legitimate entertainment website like E Online, but instead, and I quote, a “fansite”, we could not longer have access to photos.

We tried to explain to the ABC Medianet folks our position on this. We are a legitimate entertainment website that provides a service to its readers by aggregating relevant TV show content for their consumption. We provide extensive coverage of ABC shows (and every other network) by posting photos for the majority of TV shows out there because that is what people like and want to see.

In addition, since we are given access to photos for specific shows, it seemed to us that we would be encouraged to download and post as many photos as there are made available for each show. For example, if there are 10 photos for a specific episode, we would then provide 10 photos for our readers to cover that episode. If the Bachelor has 20 contestants, then we want to make sure we provide a photo for each contestant. It seems to us that there is nothing unusual about this kind of coverage. Unfortunately, it seems that ABC Medianet doesn’t agree with this approach.

We have spent the past few weeks reaching out to the folks at the ABC publicity department trying to explain our position so that we could get back access to ABC Medianet but to no avail. We sent several e-mails and no one got back to us (hopefully it’s because they are too busy promoting the premiere of Lost 😉 ).

At this stage, we have made the decision to scale back our coverage of ABC and ABC Family shows and to only focus on specific shows. What does that mean concretely? For example, we will continue providing coverage for shows such as Lost as much as we can but we will no longer be able to cover shows such as All My Children, Ugly Betty, The Middle, Cougar Town and Modern Family to name a few.

We know that a lot of you really love that we post photos for upcoming ABC episodes and we are really sorry that it has come down to this. We did everything we could do to resolve this issue, even going as far as assuring ABC Medianet that we would limit our daily photo download to whatever limit they decided to set but again to no avail.

Please rest assured that we will still continue to do our best to provide as much coverage as possible, especially if there is anything noteworthy to share. We still love and remain big fans of ABC shows, and of course stand ready to resume coverage the moment we get photo access back. But until that day comes, and with tears in our eyes (snif, snif), we unfortunately are forced to dramatically reduce our coverage of ABC shows (Except for Lost 🙂 and a few additional favorites).

PS: For those of you who are curious, here is an excerpt of the conversation between us and ABC Medianet (Go see Cop Out out in theaters on February 26 2010 😉 )