James Van Der Beek on MERCY (PHOTOS)

James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek

Check out the first photos of James Van Der Beek guest starring on the upcoming MERCY episode “Can We Talk About the Gigantic Elephant in the Ambulance?” airing Wednesday, February 3 on NBC (8-9 p.m. ET)

Here is what Michael Ausiello had to say about Van Der Beek joining the show:

Cocky, womanizing, and manipulative, Dr. West will frequently clash with Sands, Harris, and the nurses. But beneath the alpha-male swagger lies a brilliant MD whose primary goal is to make Mercy Hospital money. The new doc is also hiding a deep, dark secret. Word has it that Van Der Beek could become a series regular if the character clicks.

(Photos: Courtesy of NBC)