HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Jenkins” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, “Jenkins?”

I expected HIMYM to have a hard time following up their epic 100th episode, but Marshall and Lily centric episodes are always fun and this was no exception. (By the way, Neil Patrick Harris actually directed this episode, which explains why he was only in few scenes.) As much I love me some Barney, Lily and Marshall are so freaking adorable that I didn’t mind less NPH. The reacher/settler debate was hilarious and I’d wager a lot of couples are having the same conversation tonight.

Some of my favorite quotes and moments from How I Met Your Mother, “Jenkins?”:

– Marshall’s “Taken” reference: “Is this a trap? Are you a Packers fan? My wife knows I’m here. She doesn’t have money, but what she does have is a very special set of skills.”

– “C’mon. You can’t handle Big Fudge.” – Marshall

– Fat guy Jenkins eating cherries and dancing on tables versus Amanda Peet’s sexy Jenkins.

– Marshall freaking out when Jenkins kissed him.

Lily initially laughed at the idea of being jealous of Jenkins, but in the end she wasn’t laughing as Jenkins confessed to kissing Marshall. I knew Lily was going to take her down when she started taking off her scarf and earrings. Did you notice the clump of hair in her hand during the beatdown? Yikes! Don’t mess with Lily and her future baby daddy.

The secondary story about the Robin Scherbatsky “but, um” drinking game was good as well. Was that the music from Platoon playing in the bar during the drinking game and then in classroom the next day? I loved the scene with Ted and Barney getting wasted while watching Robin’s show. Way back in the first season, didn’t Ted claim to be “vomit free since ’93?” I’m kind of fuzzy on the details, but if his streak wasn’t broken before, it definitely is now.

Overall, this was another solid episode of How I Met Your Mother. With Barney laying low, it wasn’t quite as quotable as usual, but still a good episode. So what do you think – does every relationship have a reacher and a settler?

PS: Can anyone clarify if Ted’s vomit free since ’93 streak was broken before tonight? Leave your comments below!

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