THE WRONGED MAN on Lifetime Movie Network

Julia Ormond in The Wronged Man

Tonight, January 17, Lifetime Movie Network will premiere a new original movie, THE WRONGED MAN starring Julia Ormond and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.

I really thought this was a great movie worth watching. It is based on the true story of Calvin Willis, a man wrongly incarcerated for 22-years, who was freed thanks to the help of Janet “Prissy” Gregory and The Innocence Project.

It is one of those movies that will really touch you and make you question how the justice system works. The story is very well structured and takes you through the 22-years that Calvin Willis spent in prison, while also showing you Janet Gregory’s life and fight to set him free.

Julia Ormond is great, and of course Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (The 4400) is amazing to watch. I highly recommend you check the movie out.

The Wronged Man Synopsis: Janet Gregory (Ormond), a single mother with a haunting past, is a paralegal struggling to overcome doubts about Calvin Willis (Ali), an African-American husband and father wrongfully accused of raping a neighborhood girl. Eventually convinced of his innocence, Janet takes Calvin’s pro bono case and wages a dramatic and stormy 22-year battle with the justice system that ultimately redeems an unjustly accused man and cements a life-long friendship.

You can watch a preview, as well as more photos below.