COMMUNITY “Investigative Journalism” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of Community, “Investigative Journalism”? How can anyone not like this show? Seriously.

Okay, let’s talk about the 2 huge elephants in the room.

First off, who was the better guest star, Jack Black or Owen Wilson? I’m a big fan of Jack Black, but I’m over his bit with the singing. However, I did love this quote from Buddy (Jack Black), “I was thinking as a group we could start saying ‘you go girl’, not in a way like ‘I’m so cool’ saying ‘you go girl’ but in a way where we are kind of winking at it?”. Owen Wilson had only a small role, but since he wasn’t around much in 2009, it was great seeing him on TV making people laugh again.

Secondly, which one of Pierce’s shirts did you like the best:
“World’s Greatest Grandpa”
“I’m Up Here”
“Man Candy”

I think “I’m Up Here” was my favorite.

Here are some of my other favorite moments and quotes from Community “Investigative Journalism”:

– Abed likening Jeff to Hawkeye from Mash

– “Feliz Ano Nuevo chicas. I am a man who can never die, and this is your first dose of Spanish Ono O Dos, the year I get inside your cabezas!” Senor Chang

– “I am senor change, I’m so ill. This is a warning I can’t be killed. All in your cabeza, without a chaser”. Rap song about Senor Chang

– “It’s just a little nose bleed, i get them when it’s try and when my face gets kicked” Jeff

– “I didn’t pick you as a decoy because your breasts are old” Pierce to Britta

Did anyone else believe that Senor Chang was dead at first? I felt devastated, until he walked in with his tiger jacket and boom box. Well my 2010 has just gotten a little brighter with the return of Community, and I hope you all felt the same. Drop me a line and let me know what you thought!

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(Photos: Courtesy of NBC)