BURN NOTICE January 2010 Preview

Burn Notice

BURN NOTICE finally returns for its Season 3.5 on January 21 at 10pm on USA and so I thought it was perfect timing to share a couple of previews and a clip.

YES! Michael Westen, Fiona and Sam are back in business! I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I saw those awesome previews. Is it possible for this show to get better and better? It sure looks like it, so get ready for some great Burn Notice new episodes.

Show Description: When spies get fired, they don’t get a letter from human resources, they get BURNED. This summer, USA Network presents the second season of “Burn Notice,” a sexy, action-packed original series starring Jeffrey Donovan (“Touching Evil,” “Hitch”) as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy. Series also stars Gabrielle Anwar (“The Tudors,” “Scent of A Woman”) as Fiona, a beautiful ex-IRA operative who happens to be Westen’s ex-girlfriend. Bruce Campbell (“Evil Dead,” Army of Darkness”) stars as Sam, Michael’s closest buddy in town, a washed-up military intelligence contact who is keeping an eye on Michael for the Feds. Also starring is Emmy Award-winner Sharon Gless (“Queer as Folk,” “Cagney & Lacey”) as Madeline, Michael’s hypochondriac mother, who couldn’t be happier to have her boy back in town. Joining the cast this season in a recurring role is Tricia Helfer (“Battlestar Gallactica”) as Carla, the woman who may be behind Michael’s burn notice.
Stuck in his hometown of sun-soaked, bikini-filled Miami – a tropical paradise but a place he ever wanted to return to – and Michael Westen is now cut loose. With a burn notice attached to his name, he has no idea what or who triggered his demise. With the help of his ex-girlfriend and his buddy, Michael is determined to find out the reason for his sudden termination. Unable to utilize his normal contacts and needing to stay under the spy network radar, he puts his Special Ops training to use, helping those who the police can’t or won’t, in order to fund his ongoing personal investigation.
The second season picks up where the finale ends with Michael stranded in the back of a four-wheel truck, ready to come face to face with the mysterious voice who might have answers about his burn notice. He finds himself forced to work for the very people that burned him – or else. He meets his new handler, Carla a ruthless operative who gives him his assignments and puts the screws to him to cooperate. Michael is forced to play along, all the while trying to figure out who Carla is and what she has planned for him. Meanwhile, he continues helping out ordinary people in Miami with their problems, which never seem to get any easier…

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