CHUCK Season 3 Premiere Review

CHUCK Season 3

Chuck returns tonight January 10 at 8pm on NBC after what seemed like the longest hiatus ever. It is going to be double the fun with a two hour episode premiere titled “Chuck Versus the Pink Slip” (9 pm) and “Chuck Versus The Three Words” (10 pm). I had an opportunity to watch both episodes and wanted to share a few thoughts on them. But first, here is the story so far:

Chuck is transformed into the Intersect 2.0 after another data download into his brain. This time around, he not only knows government secrets, but he also is well equipped with deadly fight skills. Chuck has the potential to become a real agent, but he has one problem — his emotions. Now he faces the battle of keeping his emotions in check in order to protect himself and the people around him.(

Well, as much as I loved watching the first two Chuck episodes, I had some really strong mixed feelings about them. It’s kind of a good news/bad news situation.

The good news is that I think that giving Chuck spy abilities was a genius move. Now it’s like a whole new series that we are experiencing. Plus it’s cool to see Bartowski kicking some ass instead of cowering in fear. It’s also fun that they gave Chuck an impediment whereas his new abilities can’t get triggered if he is under too much stress.

The bad news is that, even with this very strong premise, the writers don’t really weave a story that makes a lot of sense. I don’t want to give away too much but suffice to say that there are some major issues regarding the storyline and character inconsistencies that are hard to overlook.

For example: In “Chuck Versus the Pink Slip”, Chuck falls into a depression because the CIA does not think that he can become a spy. Essentially they fire him and don’t want to stay in contact with him. Now how does that make sense when they spent the past two seasons acting like he’s the most important person in the world? Now suddenly they don’t care about him? They don’t even protect him from any potential bad guys.

An example of poor character development is evident in the second episode “Chuck Versus The Three Words” where Chuch is really putting a mission at risk because he wants to talk about his feelings in the middle of an operation. I mean come on, how moronic is that? Even old Chuck wouldn’t do stupid stuff like that.

Now I can forgive all that but I can’t forgive the fact that they are bringing back the old dynamic between Sarah and Chuck back. As in, it goes from Hot and Cold depending on the needs of the scene. It’s really starting to wear thin. Either they bring those two together for real or they just let it go. Playing with this back and forth is quite annoying and quite frankly it’s tantamount to lazy writing as it is a cliche that just needs to die. If they won’t get them together, fine then get Chuck a new love interest and be done with it. It can even be another super agent or a freaking cashier from BuyMore. I don’t care who. Just do something original.**

Now, all and all, the episodes as a whole were alright. I would have loved them more if there weren’t these nagging issues that kind of distracted me from enjoying them.

Once you have watched, please let me know what you think. Speak up below by leaving a comment. In the meantime, check out photos and preview of tonight’s episode here and here.

**PS: If you are writer from NBC reading this, please bear in mind that I do love Chuck and that I say this with love. 🙂