BORDER WARS on National Geographic Channel Sneak Peek

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BORDER WARS is a new series airing on the National Geographic Channel tonight January 10th at 9 PM. The show will then begin at its regular night and time on Monday January 11th at 9 PM. The premise of Border Wars is pretty self explanatory – it follows agents for the US Customs and Borders Protection as they track down drug smugglers, criminals, and illegal immigrants. One thing I tend to like about these types of documentary-style reality series is that they keep it real. Borders Wars is no exception. As a viewer it feels like you are getting the real deal about life as a Border Cop. Similar to other series on National Geographic, like Lockdown, the content can at times be graphic and sad to watch.

In one such section of the ‘Sneak Peak’ border agents find a group of illegal immigrants that had been abandoned in the Arizona desert for 5 days. The people were dehydrated and needed medical attention. In another case, a group of individuals were captured entering the US. In their party, were 2 eight year old girls that had possibly been victims of kidnapping and were being brought to the US to be sold into prostitution rings.
In my favorite part of ‘Sneak Peak’ a woman was caught sneaking $18k worth of drugs in her gas tank. I loved watching all the technology being used to detect illegal substances coming across the borders. However, I was wondering if all this information could actually help the criminals at getting better at going undetected? What do you think? Nevertheless, it’s always fulfilling to see drug smugglers getting caught.

Overall, Border Wars is a solid show that delivers action packed, eye opening content. Check out Border Wars at its regular time on Monday January 11th at 9 PM.