Dog Whisperer: Cesar in Oz (PHOTOS)


Check out photos of Cesar in Oz which feature Cesar Milan in Australia working his magic on some Aussie owners and their dogs.

Episode Synopsis: Cesar in Oz continues with Cesar in Australia. Cesar begins working with Sydney, a 9-year-old Weimaraner who was attacked by a man on a postie motorbike, the vehicles used by Australian mail carriers. The incident turned Sydney aggressive against posties or anyone riding one of the motorized red postie delivery bikes. Cesar pulls out all the stops to stamp out Sydney’s postie phobia. Next Cesar faces one of his toughest challenges in Oz as he meets Vincent, a 4-year-old shar-pei who has a thirst for blood, attacking other dogs and his owner. Cesar’s Australian adventure is not over yet — he meets Australian red cattle dog Astro, who barks incessantly at the oddest activities, including making the bed, riding a bike or carrying an object out of the house. In this special destination episode, Cesar gets a taste of Australian wildlife … in canine form.