On TV Tonight, Thursday 1/7/2010: COMMUNITY, FRINGE, and more

Thursdays TV Schedule

BONES “The Plain in the Prodigy” (Repeat) – 8pm Fox

COMMUNITY “Social Psychology” (Repeat) – 8pm NBC

CSI “Kill Me if You Can” (Repeat) – 8pm CBS

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “History Repeating” (Repeat) – 8pm The CW

PARKS AND RECREATION “Ron and Tammy” (Repeat) – 8:30pm NBC

CSI “No Way Out” (Repeat) – 9pm CBS

FRINGE “Grey Matters” (Repeat) – 9pm Fox

THE OFFICE “Murder” (Repeat) – 9pm NBC

SUPERNATURAL “The Real Ghostbusters” (Repeat) – 9pm The CW

30 ROCK (Repeat) – 9:30pm NBC

THE MENTALIST “Red Menace” (Repeat) – 10pm CBS