DOCTOR WHO: THE END OF TIME (Part 2) – Must Watch

Doctor Who: The End of Time - Bernard Cribbins, David Tennant, John Simm

Don’t forget that David Tennant’s time as the tenth Doctor comes to an end tonight at 8pm on BBC America in part two of the DOCTOR WHO special “The End of Time.” It’s definitely something you will not want to miss, especially since we also get our first glimpse at the 11th Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith.
It’s also your chance to see more of the brilliant John Simm as the Master.

I personally feel so bittersweet about the whole thing. On the one hand, David Tennant was such a brilliant Doctor, but on the other hand it’ll be great to see Matt Smith’s new take on the part. The new season of Doctor Who is slated to premiere in Spring of 2010.

And if you can’t wait to see more of David Tennant, you will be able to catch him on PBS’ Great Performances in 2010 as he reprises the role of Hamlet in an adaptation of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) 2008 stage production.

But for now, enjoy the conclusion of Doctor Who: The End of Time, I think we’re going to need lots of tissues…