COMMUNITY 2010 Premiere Episode (Photos)


Check out photos of the 2010 premiere episode of COMMUNITY titled “Investigative Journalism” Episode 13 which will air Thursday January 14 2010 at 8pm on NBC. Based on these photos, we are to expect the following:

– Senor Chang rocking a hip hop get up
– Annie and Jeff having another moment (I think they would make an awesome couple btw)
– Britta and Annie rocking cheerleader outfits and playing with soap bubbles (guys, get your mind out of the gutter)

These three things alone suggest that this will be an awesome start to 2009 for Community.

Episode Synopsis: COMMUNITY “Investigative Journalism” Episode 13 – A new addition to the study group after winter break raises eyebrows; Jeff signs on as editor of the school paper.

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(Photos: Courtesy of NBC)