THE CLOSER “Dead Man’s Hand” Recap (Season Finale)

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Last night was the season 5 finale of The Closer titled “Dead Man’s Hand”. Mary McDonnell returns to the show as the ever-popular Captain Raydor, she comes to Major Crimes to ask Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) to solve a case of possible domestic abuse that involves a female officer working under her.

The female officer hasn’t pressed charges against her husband (who allegedly has abused her). Brenda is hesitant to push the investigation any further, because she has been instructed by her boss Chief Pope to not to stir things up in the case.

The episode swings into action when the case is interrupted by a murder. The female detective who was being abused by her husband, allegedly, kills her husband in self-defense. Captain Raydor and Brenda, are partially responsible for the death, as they did not pursue the allegations of abuse extensively.

Now both Chief Pope and Captain Raydor are both putting on pressure on Brenda, for multiple reasons. Captain Raydor blames Brenda for the murder, while Chief Pope thinks she has been putting her personal issues ahead of her job; part of which is her issues with Captain Raydor, who fittingly feels the same way towards her.

The murder is eventually solved, thanks to a ballistics test on the murder weapon. The viewers learn that the barrels of two guns have been switched, and the murder was premeditated by the female officer.

Meanwhile, to complicate matters, Brenda’s life at home proves to be challenging. Fritz (Jon Tenney) is a suddenly very cranky with Brenda who doesn’t seem to understand why her husband is acting this way. It turns out that Fritz has been offered a major promotion that would effectively transfer him back to Washington D.C.

We don’t find out, if Brenda will follow Fritz to D.C. or stay with Major Crimes for her own career. The last scene shows Fritz and Brenda going into their bedroom, in the heat of the moment. The audience is left to wonder, will Brenda choose her husband over her career next season?

Stay tuned until season 6 starts next year.

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