Showtime’s LA LA LAND Poster

la la land

Check out the new poster from Showtime’s upcoming series LA LA LAND starring Marc Wootton.

LA LA LAND will feature the acclaimed British comedian “Marc Wootton” in a six-episode series of alternative comedy highlighted by his unique brand of character-driven sketches that have made him a hit in the U.K. It will feature Wootton’s outrageous and provocative characters. Wootton, who has appeared in numerous comedy series and specials in the U.K., is best known for his role as an overly theatrical psychic named Shirley Ghostman who performs for an unsuspecting audience who think he’s real on the BBC series High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman. Writers for the BBC series included Wootton and Oscar(R)-nominee Peter Baynham (Borat). LA WEEKLY described it as “Da Ali G Show meets Crossing Over with John Edward.”(

LA LA LAND will premiere on Showtime on January 25, 2010.