HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Last Cigarette Ever” Review and Quotes

How I Met Your Mother

What did you think of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, “Last Cigarette Ever”?

I liked it but I was hoping there would be a new love interest for Ted this HIMYM episode. Maybe next week! Even though tonight seemed like a “filler” show, it was still very good and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

One thing I liked was how nobody actually quit smoking that night. I feel like too many shows today feel like they need to be PC and they only show people smoking in order to illustrate how bad it is. I felt like How I Met Your Mother argued the side of the smoker very well. For example, smoking might have saved Marshall his job!

Here are a few of my favorite How I Met Your Mother “Last Cigarette Ever” quotes and moments:

“Damn-it Marshall, we already have 4 Viking lamps and smoking kills”! – Lily

“My colonoscopy had more viewers than this show; at least it had some twists and turns”. – Don, Robin’s co-host. (It was after this line that I decided that this Don character is a keeper.)

“I’m always pre-coital” – Barney

Lily’s smoking voice (which sounded a lot like Rocky’s Mickey Goldmill)

I wonder how Robin is going to end up dating her co-host Don? That guy seems like a train-wreck. I mean, he’s funny, but I can’t picture Robin with him. Maybe he will sober up and become suitable dating material?

Another thing I loved about “Last Cigarette Ever” is that they showed Ted’s kids a few times. I keep trying to look for clues about who the mom is in those scenes but can never find anything. Did anyone else happen to catch anything?

Aside from that there wasn’t too much going on it “Last Cigarette Ever”. I enjoyed the scenes with Marshall and his boss. I’m glad that the guy doesn’t remember him from his previous job, and Lily and Barney were great as usual. As I said, I would have liked to see more Ted tonight, but they can’t all be “The Playbook”, right?

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