On TV Tonight, Friday 12/11/09: SANCTUARY, CRASH, and more

Fridays TV Schedule

DOLLHOUSE “Meet Jane Doe; A Love Supreme” – 8pm Fox

LAW & ORDER “Fed” – 8pm NBC

SMALLVILLE “Rabid” (Repeat) – 8pm The CW

SUPERNANNY “Beck Family” – 8pm ABC

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Work Song Nanocluster” (Repeat) – 8:30pm CBS

MEDIUM “Deja Vu All Over Again” (Repeat) – 9pm CBS

SMALLVILLE “Echo” (Repeat) – 9pm The CW

UGLY BETTY “Be-Shure” – 9pm ABC

CRASH “Alone Again Or” – 10pm Starz

NUMB3RS “Cover Me” (Repeat) – 10pm CBS

SANCTUARY “Penance” – 10pm Syfy