COMMUNITY “The Politics of Human Sexuality” Review Episode 11


What did you think of tonight’s episode of Community “The Politics of Human Sexuality”?

I thought it was awesome! The actors are really starting to come into their characters. Here are some of my favorite quotes and moments from tonight’s show:

Troy to Abed on Abed’s basketball abilities – “It’s impossible to guard you, your eyes are too gentle and mysterious”.
Troy – “Don’t eat the crab dip Yeeah, yay!”
Shirley on the male anatomy – You’ve never seen one on the internet, or in pictures, or Harvey Keitel’s”?
The ‘Wheel of Remorse’ at the STD fair
Jeff on horses – “Can you ever real ‘own’ a horse?”
Abed when preparing to arm wrestle Troy – “I need to wait for a more inspiring song, this score isn’t right”
Pierce’s date: “she thinks that Monty Python is the evil snake from Harry Potter”.

Danny Pudi (Abed) continues to shine in Community. I loved watching his facial expressions during the arm wrestling match and while he was running to the office. I don’t think he ever breaks character. He’s one of those actors that is so good at what they do, it gives you the impression that’s how they are in real life. Troy, who I thought was good, but a little green at the beginning of the season, has started to come into his own lately. I always look forward to the last scene with Troy and Abed.

I feel the same way about Annie, Shirley, and Britta. They all seem much more comfortable in their characters and as I watch them I find myself getting lost in their stories. Jeff, Pierce, and Senor Chang were are solid from the beginning, and continued to bring the laughs in ‘Politics of Human Sexuality”. My only gripe about the show these days in that it isn’t long enough. Too many good characters, and not enough time. I’d love to see this show do a hour-long special at some point.

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(Photos: Courtesy of NBC)