HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “The Playbook” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, “The Playbook”?

3 words – Lorenzo Van Matterhorn! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing Lorenzo searches all night. It also appears to be one the hottest searches on Google right now. Here are a couple things I’ve found online related to Mr. Von Matterhorn: and Hollywood92

So wow, what an excellent episode from How I Met Your Mother. I have a feeling, I’ll be talking about “The Playbook” for months to come. Let’s recall the plays in Barney’s book:

“The Don’t Drink That” – Where he pretends someone has placed the date rape drug in a girl’s drink, and is there to save the day.

“The Mrs. Stinsfire” – Where he becomes a creepy Mrs. Doubtfireish tranny to get close to sorority girls

“The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn” – Where he basically pretends to be the guy from the Dos Equis commercials. This one actually stops Ted from getting a date.

“The Ted Mosby” – Where you pretend that you got left at the alter

“The My Penis Grants Wishes” – Where you dress up like a genie.

“The He’s Not Coming” – Where you tell random girls on top of the Empire State building that “he’s not coming” until you find one that had plans to meet a romantic interest there. Instant rebound guy.

and lastly,

“The Scuba Diver” – Where you pretend to be remorseful to get your friends to talk you up to hot girls.

Although I LOVED watching this episode, I was still bothered by one thing. Barney is hot, well dressed, and has a nice apartment. He doesn’t need to do any of those plays to get girls. I think he must have been being honest during “The Scuba Diver” and that was his way of getting his mind off of Robin. Speaking of Robin, it looks like she may have a new love interest. Her new co-host Don is pretty handsome. So even though I was bummed last episode that Barney and Robin broke up, I think tonight’s show more than made up for it.